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Welcome to the home of Rev.Sayge Whitesong international author, peace maker, healer, light worker & shamanic practitioner to name a few of his gifts. This web site will give you a close, personal & fascinating look at the man of peace himself. Rev. Sayge is known around the world for his shamanic work with spirit as well as his guidance to humanity. There are many fabulous websites that reflect his important work however until just recently there was never anywhere on the internet that one could go to learn about & understand the man behind the work. A good friend of Rev. Sayge suggested that perhaps a dedicated website about him was in order and thus a vision was born.

It is here that you will come to understand this amazing human being & his many gifts that he brings to the world. It is here that you will walk with him along his path… the path of peace, love & service to others. It is here that you can explore & learn about his life, his wonderful family and the many people who have freely chosen to follow his teachings. Regular spiritual teachings will also be posted for you to ponder. It is his hope that you will return time & time again to this website to learn more about him and to perhaps come to one of his global events or retreats. If you are here it is because you have been guided by the call of spirit. What does this mean? Well this answer we leave up to you to explore.
Rev. Sayge invites you to join him in doing spirits work & making a difference in people’s lives across the planet.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!


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