Applying Human Expectations To a Spirit Encounter

I get asked all the time after a reading where a loved one has come through to speak with a living friend or family member “why didn’t my loved one say this to me (insert nickname or loving expression..poopsie..perhaps) like they used to or say they were upset because of this or that situation because they would have never put up with that when they were alive and would have been furious”.

To address this question I tell folks the following:

In general conversation just as in this physical existence speech and phrases we use change with each other. Most times I call my own boys by their nick names and then one day I will call them by a cutsie phrase or another name perhaps I like that I have heard from a friend etc then I switch back to their nicknames. Don’t expect that those special names or phrases will carry over in spirit…just let the conversation unfold without expectation.

I also mention that spirit can no longer feel betrayed or angry with someone or be embroiled in a fight with them in spirit (spirit can’t fight or be angry). Those harbouring of negative feelings in the physical just don’t exist on the spirit level, just love exists there (on the spirit side) and the related energies to love.

In a reading you can’t place your human expectations on the friend or loved one in spirit and compare them to the friend or loved one you knew in the physical in deed or speak as it can be a completely different or only somewhat familiar experience. Some things will feel like they did when they were in the physical and some things won’t. We just have to have an open mind and heart as we experience such a visit from a loved one in spirit through a professional medium or psychic. I always tell folks to focus on the wonderful spiritual energy of the visit rather than our human needs or expectations from them.

Also just a small note on test questions during your reading for the loved one in spirit. Many times folks will ask test questions of the spirit coming through to see if they are actually talking with a friend or loved one… i.e. what was your favourite color ?

This is a complete waste of time and your money as valuable minutes of your reading are being eaten up. Spirit does not play test questions and will not waste time on them either when they have come forward especially to speak with a friend or a loved one sometimes only for a minute or two.

I always say ask spirit a test question & be prepared for an over the top answer that will be a silly as the test question.

I hope this helps you properly prepare for & understand your next spirit reading with a professional.

Lots of love & blessings

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