Spiritual Drama

As I sit by the fire contemplating what to write about I considered in my mind the many disagreements I am privy to as a result of my shamanic counseling work between individuals who are “spiritual”. During those disagreements “spirituality” as a term or belief is thrown around like a WWE superstar in a cage match. Battered and bruised “spirituality” stands up again & again without throwing a punch back or complaining or arguing. It simply dusts itself off and bow’s (hands clasped) to the warriors who were engaged in “spiritual battle for……exactly….for what ? Most of these battles are battles for spiritual superiority of the mind only…an ego battle that has no place in spirituality to begin with. If we are truly spiritual peoples we must find balance, love & peace in the face of all adversity. I do not suggest this is easy by any means but we have to learn by doing. I am reminded by one of my wise teachers of the Seven Grandfather Teachings as a guide to living life in harmony and in spiritual balance & I feel now is the time to revisit them in an effort to further our personal spiritual lessons & restore balance to our life. Let us consider the following :

Wisdom: (North) to have enough life experience to know what comes of our choices, good or bad; to acknowledge & practice values that respect all people.

Love: (North) the unconditional acceptance of all things, including self; to receive the love of another with acceptance.

Respect (West) to honor the existence of each & every being, whether or not you like their choices; to be clear about others boundaries and (to respect yourself) have personal boundaries. This creates rebirth.

Bravery: (East) the fearless confrontation of anything we might fear or causes us pitfalls; to accept responsibility for the issues/persons appearing in our life.

Honesty: (East) to acknowledge & take responsibility for our situation & to embrace with wisdom the steps to take. Honesty is intrinsic-we understand how are actions affect others.

Humility: (South) is to know that I am a small player on a big stage. Also to know that I don’t know everything & can’t be all things to all people. One is fallible and can make mistakes.

Truth: (South) is in the larger picture, and is there when I have done the work to find it -living the 7 grandfather teachings. Truth is extrinsic.

I love all of these & feel that if we truly want to be spiritual peoples we should embrace these teachings daily and stop the spirit drama. Practice peace my friends in the face of the storm and be well until the next time we meet by the fire.

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Readings with Zoltach (Group & Private)

Many times I am asked about my readings with Zoltach & how to prepare questions for him in advance of the reading & what kind of questions can be asked…this is very different from other psychic readings where you just show up to be “read” by the psychic so I thought this would be a good opportunity to write about this in an effort to centralize my responses as well as assist clients.

On my website www.zoltach.com there is lots of helpful resources, under the “services/bookings” section click on “private readings” & under the pay pal tab there is a button that says “click here to view reading guidelines”… please do this & have a look. A channelled reading is a very different experience from that of a regular psychic medium experience if you have never been to one & of course the first difference is that you come with written questions, what type of questions you say ?. Well any questions are game really except one….there is one question I personally will not allow to be asked during a reading & that is “when will I die” but everything else past, present & future is allowed. So let your mind soar in the days before your reading & come up with questions that are important to you i.e. finances, love, career or the like. The other main difference from other types of spirit readings & my channelled readings with Zoltach is you will get to talk directly with the spirit called Zoltach & not me translating for Zoltach your messages. You will notice both subtle & non subtle body & voice changes as I go “to sleep” consciously & waken into the trance state. To see it for the first time is really interesting & wondrous as I have been told by clients.

Many times I get asked to help the client develop questions for a reading but as you can well imagine this would be counter productive to you coming and the questions would not be yours alone but would be ours. This spirit experience starts the moment you call me & book a reading & requires a bit of your time & effort in order to get it right. Our time together is important & I ask that you come with an open, non judgmental mind that is willing to perhaps see a truth other than what you perceive it to be with your conscious mind.

Oh and yes my readings are expensive…much more so than your average $20 psychic reading & this should be a factor to consider before booking with me. I have had a few folks who wanted to book without checking the price on my website first only to be disappointed because they couldn’t afford it. I am typically booking about 30-60 days in advance so plan for this as well.

Take the time to review my website carefully & not just race through it skimming over the details… it’s all there if you really want to see it.

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The Coffee Stoop (Relationships Gone Wrong)

Many times we as humans find the end of intimate relationships in our lives to be a rock filled road where one or the other involved dashes to social media to exlaim the end of the relatiosnhip first. Like a precision military operation we want to be the ones to strike first & inflict the most damage on the other with a key stroke with our friends & family acting as the international audience we are trying to sway & impress to support our future war against the other. But why is this mass public message of alone-ness really required along with the ensuing derogatory “he said she said” totureous ongoing daily conversation ? Is it to massage our own ego ? To what end is this oral disservice to our relatiosnhips we once cherished pursued ?

You see our “friends” love this sort of thing because it then gives them something to gossip about as well to the people they know & further negative energy is created upon you the one they speak about. You see every time our name or person is referred to in a positive or negative sense through discussion it creates energy that comes back your way & adds to your life either in a positive or negative way as you percieve it. Words are seeds remember ! Is it not better after the ending of a relatiosnship no matter how it ended to just move on in silence with no military social media attacks or proclamations of the final end of the story. To move forward with respect for yourself the other person & this sacred love experience intact. To ponder in silence the many lessons you have learned & incorporate them into your daily life now.

Set your flags down & call away your horsemen & infantry units there is no need….honor the past relatioships & your choices with your personal silence & when the wolves come down the trail looking for blood…& they will…simply tell them “my dear wolves there is nothing for you to hear so go elswhere for your daily food consumption of coffee stoop drama”.

Move forward in love


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An Interview With Trauma

The following is a link to the trauma that is PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & it’s dark agents of personal change. I have come to know this seductive mistress well in my short time here on earth. However I have a new companion on this incedible journey now by the name of “Keeper” & I thank god for him. He is my service dog who will aid me throughout my day and assist me in keeping safe during my transisitions. This is about 2 things that are one in my mind. Enjoy the interview !

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The Divine Teacher Who Disturbs Us

In many places in the world there are teachers of life who are sought by students who want to learn various things. The teacher finding journey is an important one but take heed upon what you enter. Once the teacher or guru of your “dreams” is chosen the learning experience can be very different than what you imagined it would be. Teachers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, attitudes & styles. Finding the “right” one for you is a bit of a task to be sure. Search well with a good pair of shoes on.

Are you a consumer ? if so perhaps reconsider purchasing a teacher…are you a “foodie”?…if so you must not search out a teacher because a pizza is better for you. Are you really ready to truly examine your reasons behind wanting a teacher in the first place ? Be careful what you wish for. Finding a teacher is a serious thing that can change your life for the better or be your worst experience ever depending on whether your ready for what you are asking for.

When the student is ready the teacher will come” is an old saying that has a lot of information contained within it’s very few words. Teachers by design are there to challenge & love you at the same time & this may mean that you will be treated in such a way that perhaps you are not accustomed to. Perhaps you will be asked to do things outside of your comfort zone & pushed to your limits mentally & spiritually… for some in North America this is referred to as “tough love”.

You will be asked to trust your teacher fully & respect his or her in times when it may appear they don’t offer the same in return. However a good teacher does these things to disturb your percieved balance into growth for only what has been shaken & stirred tastes good. Remember you went to find a teacher to learn & grow & in most areas of North American culture this type of growth described above the “shaken & stirred kind” will stir resentment & anger & grow the students sense of self entitilement.

YES I say ahhh this is the good stuff of teachers but most will say NO & search for warmer climates only to be discouraged by a lot of time with little personal reward. I have personally found we have become to sensitive in this society to these age old concepts of teachers. This is the time of Face Book drama not courage & how sad this is indeed. “I want this …I want that” you have offended me because you didn’t do what I wanted or treated me how I wanted & I paid you MY good money to do it….here is a good lesson…it’s not about your good money…..it’s about changing the way you believe in yourself & everything around you…..with a teacher your personal currency is something very different than what you imagined…..Ahhh have I hit a nerve ??

I Love YOU

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How To Deal With Grief

By: Sandra Ingerman.

I was watching the news recently and heard an interesting story. There is a movement in the medical profession to label grief as a diagnosis of illness. Prozac, an antidepressant, would be prescribed for people dealing with grief.

Every change in life is some form of death which leads to an ending that can create a state of grief for us as something familiar dies. We might change jobs, move, get divorced, experience a change in how we feel as we age, a life threatening illness or the death of a loved one.

Death is not an end, rather it is a new beginning. And the experience of grief is important for our growth and evolution. Grief helps us to develop a deep inner well that we can expand from.

I oftentimes hear people talk about how we are in a time of “expansion,” and I picture a mental process of energy expanding out of someone’s head. But true expansion comes from deep within. We develop a depth within when we allow ourselves to grieve.

In my own life I have realized that when I feel that my heart is breaking, my heart is actually expanding. The expansion created helps me to be a greater vessel to bring through love. And love is the greatest healing force. There is nothing like grief that can assist us in opening to a greater state of love.

When our heart expands we can feel more compassion for the suffering of others. And with compassion we can hold the space for others to heal.

When we try to stop grief we try to stop growth. And when we look to nature, life that does not continue to grow, dies. The state of grief, no matter how bad it feels, is so filled with life. Grief helps to create more space inside of us that allows life force to flow through.

Grief creates a fertile state where new relationships, new opportunities can be created from.

The issue to look at is how we can support ourselves while we are grieving. I think it is not beneficial to repress grief altogether.

First, we must acknowledge the feelings we are having. When we acknowledge any kind of feelings of sadness and emotional pain, this creates energetic movement that leads to transformation. When we repress a feeling it continues to build inside of us. Even if we find some way to repress our feelings, the energy of the feeling will create stress within us. It is important to express the full range of our emotions.

We might have to return to our jobs and our daily routines, but it is important to create time for ourselves to grieve. Consider joining a local group that helps people who are in a process of grief. Create some alone time during the day where you can be with yourself.

Alert co-workers and friends to your loss and let them know your feelings and that you might find yourself crying. The best way to heal is to express the energy until it doesn’t exist anymore. Trying to repress showing your emotions for public appearance just delays healing.

For many people, it is important to have a loving community who can just be there to listen. In our culture, many of us want to fix those we love when they are in need. With grief there is nothing to fix, and in reality there is no way to take grief away from someone else. Just being present, listening and being a loving support helps tremendously.

It is important not to pity someone in a state of grief. Energetically, pity is a heavy energy to burden. Imagine thousands of people pitying you if you are in a state of grief. Do you want to experience that kind of energy being sent to you?

Find ways to pamper yourself. You might want to relax in a bath. Water is such a healing element. You can release your pain into the water and ask the water to transmute your pain to loving energy.

You might want to either physically lie on the earth or imagine yourself lying on the earth. Let your pain drain out into the earth. Give thanks to mother earth for taking your pain and composting it into fertile organic matter that will create new growth. Reflect on how the earth takes the leaves that have died and fallen to the ground in autumn and uses it as compost to create rich and fertile soil.

You can also write down feelings you wish to let go of and burn them in fire. In indigenous cultures, fire is seen to be the element of transmutation and transformation.

You can go outside and allow the wind to carry away your feelings of pain while you stay open to loving messages that you hear from the breezes.

Always give thanks to the element you are working with. This is a way to honor the elements which give us life. Also always ask that the energy you are releasing be transformed into love and light. In this way, what you send into the world creates healing for all of life.

Most of all give yourself time to grieve. There is no timeframe when you “should” feel better. As you allow yourself to fully embrace your feelings time itself will bring you to a place of regeneration. Everything in life changes. And this includes your grief.

Sandra Ingerman, M.A., is the author of eight books, including “Soul Retrieval,” “Medicine for the Earth,” “Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide,” “How to Heal Toxic Thoughts,” “How to Thrive in Changing Times” and “Awakening to the Spirit World: The Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation.” Sandra teaches workshops internationally on shamanic journeying, healing and reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods. Sandra is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a professional mental health counselor and a board-certified expert on traumatic stress.

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The New Student

As the new year begins I usually have an influx of e mails & phone calls pertaining to private study with me in the area of Shamanism & spirituality. New students come from all walks of life & in the beginning are very enthusiastic with regards to learning about the many things that I have become aware of over the course of my personal awakening. I call it the fast & furious stage because generally the new student wants the circus magic type stuff that they expect a spiritual teacher to have and they usually want it(the information & spiritual training) yesterday because they have ‘wasted enough of life’ & have had it up to the ears with the material world & all it’s “fakeness”.

The new student generally comes to desire this deeper spirtitual knowledge & sense of worldly things because they are in spiritual crises & the local fitness craze whatever that may be at the time didn’t change a thing. They still feel empty inside after the 25th pushup or AB crunch & this creates more frustration and inner imbalance. The new student generally goes to Google & types in “spiritual training” or the like & spends minutes, hours or sometimes days searching for what appeals to them. Then if they come across my information they make all the appropriate inquiries, check out my website, face book page & Twitter, they then ask around & then usually if all sounds appealing send the e-mail or make the phone call (please note when you call me you will get my voice mail as I seek to dismantle the current mindset of “I want it fast & now”).. to be honest I probably lose some students I am sure because they don’t want to wait for me to call them back a day or 2 later but this is ok..all good things in good time I always say.

After some pleaseant conversation when I call the new student back we get down to the reason for the call & then we set up a meeting to determine what if anything I can assist with along the path of deeper spiritual learning. If I determine I can assist this enquiring mind I explain my role & what the student can expect from my teachings. Some students smile broadly & brim with aniticipation & excitement whilst others remain composed & in control looking.. asking structured logical questions. With some new students during the meeting phase there is an attempt to show case there previous life experience & to let me know what they need to learn & what they don’t. This is done so that learning can be accelerated to the “good stuff”. The common thing both styles of students share is they seek to understand this flow life & be one with it rather than a victim of it..to create a balance of inner tranquility. I usually smile & acknowledge thier wonderful resume of life but then tell them to let all of that life experience go and to come to me as a new born baby ready to learn or re-learn about this existence. I simply ask for them to clear the slate of ego & be naked.

I tell all new students the same thing at this point…”the learning has already begun long before our first meeting” & then I tell them “walking with me will not be easy as spirit will create lessons & some of these lessons will not be easy & will test them to thier very core. Mostly they all smile and say “ok good I need the kick in the pants”. With that we set a date to begin “the work”. On the first lesson I again tell the new student how difficult this inner work can be & to be prepared and the response is usually a little less enthusiastic & more fearful and you can see the new student starting to really contemplate what they have gotten themselves into. But they smile politely & we move forward with the first lesson which is unique to everyone who walks with me.

Each of my lessons begins & ends with ceremony & then we part ways after setting up our next time together. Many lessons from spirit take place after we part ways. Sometimes life as the new student knew it before our lesson looks totally different after our first lesson. Sometimes realtionships break up suddenly or jobs are lost without warning or friends disappoint as they never have before. The awakening has started & the spiritual challenges take full bloom in the form of thier everyday life. This is when they forget my words to them “walking with me will not be easy as spirit will create lessons & some of these lessons will not be easy & will test you to your very core”.

This is when the rubber meets the road & the new student is in full life turmoil. As our next lesson date approaches like clock work the new student is feeling like the last thing they want to do is look deeply at themselves again especially when everything in thier life is so up in the air…then generally they will cancel the future lessons already booked with me advising me in a very vague e-mail that life circumstances have gotten in the way & they will contact me again to continue when “things settle down”. This of course is rare to happen as the dramatic lessons/situations continue in thier lives and then life becomes “to busy” to continue the art of looking deeply within & they are never heard from again.

In reality when this happens there are a rare few who will see the sudden turmoil of thier life as part of what they signed up for when they agreed to walk this spiritual path for higher learning, inner balance & enlightenment. The big picture here is that the apparent downward life spiral however it looks to each individual new student is all part of the lessons which will bring you what you originally desired but their is a process or as we know it in Shamanism a” little death” or “dismembering” that must happen…a clearing of the clutter. I call this “the good stuff” as” it” (the hardships you encounter while walking with me) become the hard stone in which to shape yourself on.

Often times in North America when something is challenging to do or is hard on us we sometimes are quick to discard it, abandon ship & swim for easier shores. We are off to the next big thing that will change our life & this is unfortunate as we really miss the spirit boat. On the spiritual path of self exploration I caution.. it is no joke… most times it’s very hard..sometimes the transistions & spiritual lessons of your life as you learn will be hell but in the end if you stick with the process through all it’s montains & valley’s & you trust your spiritual teacher to help guide you through it & to support you I guarantee your spiritual awakening will be all you wanted it to be & more. Your old life as you knew it will cease to exist & your “new” life with “new” vision as you look through spirits eyes this time will be balanced, full of love & the enlightenment you desired. I have many dedicated students who have stayed the course and have walked with me for years & now are spiritual teachers themselves some of them loving & supporting those in need who come to thier path & to them I say I am very proud of who you have become & I honor your spirit walk. I know it has not been an easy walk because I have walked a similar path & come from similar roots and as you now know.. the lessons never end which is a great thing.

To the potential new student who is considering taking on a spiritual teacher & all of the above I say to you…take heed upon what you enter this is NOT the next great trendy thing to do.. it will require 100 percent of your commitment, dedication & perserverance. I await you arrival..

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Dark Light By Stephen Jenkinson

There comes a time in the epic saga of parenting when you have to decide whether you’ll introduce kids to darkness, so that something of the mysteries of having a human life could be their companion, or whether you’ll let the world do that for you, so that they could be challenged for years as they confuse mystery for mayhem. Ah, parenting, whose landscape is littered with abandoned imperatives and loopy convictions which couldn’t endure the trial, professional provisos and talk show wisdoms that are designed to guarantee repeat business and not much more. It is a skittish business. Grand parenting, too. And aunting, uncling, eldering, mentoring, neighbouring and the rest. Our culture isn’t big on kids growing up, nor is it big on mystery. It’s big on mystery revealed, and our corner of the world is a torment, partly because of that. Insisting on having a One True God who’s in charge of the whole works doesn’t help much, unless you’re big on sin and disobedience. So, there’s work to be done.

In a culture like ours it is not an easy thing to contemplate, this idea of bringing children to darkness deliberately and with purpose. It is a culture drawn to light in the singular and driven way of the moth. Everything possible is illuminated and revealed. Pornography is a good example. Another is schooling. Most are programmes in ending uncertainty, building competence and extending mastery, by assaulting mystery and containing darkness. You cannot go to a restaurant without a soundtrack that guides your conversation by banishing any quiet you might seek. None of those guys trust you to your silence. Visually you are allowed very little darkness, city or suburb, in the name of security I guess. You can’t drive down a road without being signed, cosigned, designed, resigned and signed again, every possible subtlety articulate and glaring and declared. It’s relentless.

Darkness and shadow do not have good PR, as you know. Nobody wants to be left in the dark. Being lucid means being light bound, and both seem advisable. There’s a well known book that divides the humanity in simple and ruthless terms into Sons of Light (among whom you’d want to be included) or Sons of Darkness (reserved for people who don’t know what you know). A poet I admire, William Stafford, wrote with certainty that the darkness around us is deep, and you can tell he didn’t think that was a good thing. When psychologically attuned people consider The Shadow they are generally trying to do something about making it less shadowy, and frankly it is darkness that gives many of them job security. I supervised an employee once who announced with pride that she’d begun to teach dying people how to be comfortable with their discomfort – another secondment of human cleverness to the project of banishing shadows inner and outer.

And there’s Christmas: the most light-flooded, the most illuminated, the most shadow-banishing project of them all, whose timing – the winter solstice – is no accident.

I know that the world seems plenty scary enough, and dangerous, without subjecting children to darkness unmediated. But we could ease up on the anxiety long enough to consider that darkness, with all its mysteries, has always been the place where healthy cultures brought their children to learn life. It isn’t where they were brought to be warned about life or defended against it, but where they were given the chance to love it instead. That is what most initiation ceremonies are for, to give children the ability to love being alive.

One year, right around this time and full of the emptiness of Christmas, I tried to do something else with my kids. We ended up in the north country, a good distance from the ambient light pollution that many kids now think is natural, and it was cold. There were two feet of good snow on the ground, and we had a small cabin to ourselves. With great ceremony about mid-morning on the twenty-first we turned off all the lights, all the heating and electricity, and as the day went on we talked about how it must have been hundreds of years before us, right at that time of year, for people who lived right in that spot. When night came on the shadows grew mauve and, in the way real darkness has of being itself, luminous. The cold wrapped itself around us, the poplars cracked with frost, and standing outside with the last amber of sunset gone from the sky we could, gorgeously, see. The lake ice close by moaned and shattered in the gathering, frozen dark. It was a powerful thing, that night. It was full and alive. The kids complained a little and found this a strange thing to do, but mostly they were awash in awe, and somewhere in that night they met darkness’s true heart: mystery. They remember it still, and I am hoping that mystery has a presence in the lives they are choosing and forging for themselves. I hope that the solstice, if they take note of it at all, has a full darkness to go along with the livid street life they’re more and more used to.

Mystery is my mistress, has been for a long while. Whatever teaching I’ve offered over the years has enthroned mystery as a patron saint of all our meetings. At my school we wrestle hard the mysteries of being a human, alive. So far, the mysteries have always won.

On the night of the twenty-first we’ll stand outside again and listen to the dark, and watch the silence, and imagine some of you doing the same, maybe with some kids close by. Here on our end of things we wish for you rich shadows, wondrous darkness to go with your certainties, proper twins, faithful companions. Would that this time of year give us again a taste for such things.

Stephen Jenkinson

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The Entitlement Complex

All summer & now into the fall I have been glancing my Face book news feed when I have some time. To be honest this usually leaves me feeling out of sorts & sad by what I see humanity is saying to one another. I have said time & time again to my wife I will never read the news feed stuff again on Face Book but then on some evening I will find myself a little bored & I glance at it to catch up on friends news only to be disappointed once again. Sometimes I notice I am deeply triggered by the things I am reading. I found myself in just such a state over the past few months & felt now the appropriate time to make my observations known.

The disturbing trend I have found on Face Book recently is that more & more people are telling others how to live thier lives in general status updates which are generally directed at the entire population even though people never asked for thier opinion. As the reader it is one thing to read an inspirational blurb that lifts the spirit or brings clarity to a life issue but that is not what I am referring to. I am referring to those folks that feel wholly entitled to tell us when or when not to walk our animals due to the weather, how to share our grief after a tradgedy, when to put up our Christmas lights & decorations or not, how to celebrate our dead or our living hero’s, proper ettiquette for holidays in thier opinion & the list goes on & on. It appears to be the old story of to many supervisors & not enough employee’s.

For this I have to ask the question…who asked theses self appointed regulators of everyone elses life to become our parental guides on these matters ? Or were they simply asserting themselves like an out of control steam roller over us because they felt entitled to ? I know I am going off on a bit of a tangent here but these are my further observations…. please bare with me…we have government, police & a whole lot of other appointed bodies to tell us what we should & should not do as a society (too many in my opinion) so when social media becomes a forum for our “friends” to do the same some of us begin to feel a bit prickly & thorny in protest. Please keep in check the ego generated entitlement complex or need for control over things that are none of your concern folks for the sake of others life enjoyment & free will to do what pleases them personally.

If we need your bold guidance as to when we should put up our Christmas lights or walk our dog for example we will ask you for it. If those who committ this crime of social policing want to continue to assert themselves & tell others what to do or how to do it they should apply to one of the many thosands of jobs available in government where they can swing thier swords of social justice & get paid for it….until then just say “I love you” or say nothing at all. At the end of the day Face Book seems to be nothing but a place for

Love to All

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The Art of Saying Thank You

It’s Thanksgiving day 2012 & I was just sitting here pondering my blessings in life when i was reminded of the communication game we play more often then not when we are given gifts from others. You know the one “oh no I could never accept this gift” or ” no no you don’t have to do that” or “I am not going to allow you to pay..I am going to pay”.

This back and forth goes on for several minutes with greater anxiety being felt by both parties and generally leaves someone feeling a bit vulnerable or out of sorts or possibly even offended. Why do we play this game I ask you ? Are we being polite or are we playing the ego game or perhaps we don’t know how to act or what to say when confronted with such generosity.

A good friend taught me a while back a profound lesson about the art of saying thank you. That lesson is this, If someone wants to do something nice for us by giving us a gift….accept the gift without the game smile brightly & say simply “thank you”. There is no greed or harm in this action in fact you are doing the person giving the gift a great honor. I love this teaching & have since adopted it in my life…. it takes all the stress away and makes the gift giving & receiving experience whether it’s dinner out or an unexpected cash donation much more easy & enjoyable not to mention more time friendly.

Just say “thank you” with perhaps a hug or kiss if it fancies you.. nothing more & nothing less it’s that easy and move on with life.

Happy Thanksgiving !

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