Living Without Expectation

In my work I run into folks all the time who are in distress about life not giving them what they expect or deserve. Our society is filled with those who believe they are due certain good things because they are a good friend to someone, work hard or live well or donate to thier local charity. Zoltach (my spirit helper) told a group I was channelling for many years ago “live without expectation”. These are true words to live by indeed as I have learned over my lifetime that expectation breeds misery & many times our expectations never meet our outcomes. The cycle continues over & over again and what is left at the end of life is regeret & disappointment because we expected to much from life.

There is a Buddhist teaching that is similar that says something like don’t want something you can’t have right now in this moment but enjoy & treasure what you do have in this moment. Not many folks understand this teaching of living without expectation when I teach it & sometimes I hear folks say “you mean I can’t be happy” or “I can’t dream of having a better life with a big house or a loving partner to share my ritches with”. I tell them I am not saying that at all…what I am saying & what Zoltach was saying when he told us this long ago was..don’t expect it ! There are no hard & fast rules here in this life that say “you will get what you expect or you think you deserve at some point”. Some would argue the basics like “if I work I deserve to get paid for that work”..I ask you to observe the many who haven’t been paid for the work they have done because thier company they worked for closed up suddenly or went bankrupt. Others would say” I deserve to have a comfortable life fiancially because my parents are millionaires and should look after me”…I ask you to observe the many parents who are millionaires and keep it all to themselves because their children have been unkind to them. I could go on & on with examples of expectation.

This western society is expectation obsessed even after years of living with unmet expectations. Generation after generation of folks who claim they have been denied what’s owed to them. This is the very problem & they just can’t break the cycle. I offer you relief dear friends from the expectation of expectation….live without it & you will find peace & happiness in your life. How do I do this you ask ? Just turn off the expectation switch and live instead in amazing gratitude for all that you have right at this moment. Once you do this you will have all your dreams come true on thier own terms not on yours.

I love you


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Your Only As Good As The Last Deed You Did That Was Good

Recently I have been on an amazing journey of good things and those good things equate to all sorts of other good things for myself & others. Well this is good fortune you say…”well done Sayge”. However we have all experienced being caught up in good things only to hit a wall that stops every…good…thing we have done recently. How come this has happened we ask ourselves ?. How could this all come to a crashing end these good things I did… we ponder. Now you may ask yourself “Sayge what the hell are you talking about”.

I am willing to share this with you just in case you have no idea how a good thing turns into no-thing…how all your good things are so easily forgotten just as recently as a second ago by those who would bring about the bricks and clay of the wall you just hit. How do I know of such things ?….because I just hit one of those walls ….actually I have hit a few as of late…which makes me an authority on walls….in other words I have the bruises to show for it. So here it is in my opinion…..suffering….basic human pain creates pain workers who build the walls you just hit that stopped the good energy things you were bathing in….empty the tub kids and sit in the cold air for a few minutes..the lack of warmth…. & you may just have an idea of walls… “I still don’t get it you say”….ok I will simplify it for you….those folks in your life who build the walls for you do so out of personal suffering…of what they themselves are going through and can’t or won’t process…pain that you can’t see. Give your girl a diamond ring gents & she might just take it and run and say thank you….but no thank you & I am keeping the ring. “Why would you do that to me after I worked overtime for many hours to pay for it and took you to a fancy place to eat and proposed in front of everyone to make you feel special ?” you may ask.

Help a friend in need through a rough patch & be there late into the night by phone only to have them get well & turn on you and gossip to others about your most private moments and your weakness…”but why would they do that after all I have done for them” ? suffering..the deepest suffering for them….and for this we must be ready to first understand then show compassion. We must understand suffering at it’s root and then reach past our own bruises from hitting the wall and into our heart and give compassion in a very private way. They are robots of sorts these wall builders with no masonary experience because they were taught by others how to build walls…generations of others whom they don’t even know. Can we hold these pain workers responsible for learning what has been taught to them I ask you ? Well only you can answer that for yourselves…but maybe just maybe you will find it in yourself…in your heart…. beneath the bruises to do another good thing with no expectation of a return of good things from another. Just maybe….Live without expectation my teacher Zoltach once said…hmmmm…words to live by.

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Be inspiring

Be inspiring

Common sense would tell you that it’s difficult to be positive and inspired when the circumstances of your life are negative or painful or disheartening. Yet it is at precisely those times that inspiration can be the most beneficial.

Certainly there are many things in life that can lead you and prompt you to be inspired. However, even without any positive factors in the outside world, you can be positively inspired.
Inspiration is a powerful fire that burns on the inside. Sometimes there’s nothing else to ignite that fire, so you must do it yourself.

Sometimes life’s experience doesn’t validate or encourage your most deeply held values. But that’s not any reason to abandon those values.

Instead of always depending on the world to inspire you, choose to be a brilliant, positive source of inspiration yourself. The spark of inspiration must begin somewhere, so if life seems to lack inspiration, let that spark begin with you.

The most reliable way to be inspired is to be inspiring. Feel the simple, yet profound joy of being, and let your positive spirit shine a light that lifts up all those around you.

— Ralph Marston

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Applying Human Expectations To a Spirit Encounter

I get asked all the time after a reading where a loved one has come through to speak with a living friend or family member “why didn’t my loved one say this to me (insert nickname or loving expression..poopsie..perhaps) like they used to or say they were upset because of this or that situation because they would have never put up with that when they were alive and would have been furious”.

To address this question I tell folks the following:

In general conversation just as in this physical existence speech and phrases we use change with each other. Most times I call my own boys by their nick names and then one day I will call them by a cutsie phrase or another name perhaps I like that I have heard from a friend etc then I switch back to their nicknames. Don’t expect that those special names or phrases will carry over in spirit…just let the conversation unfold without expectation.

I also mention that spirit can no longer feel betrayed or angry with someone or be embroiled in a fight with them in spirit (spirit can’t fight or be angry). Those harbouring of negative feelings in the physical just don’t exist on the spirit level, just love exists there (on the spirit side) and the related energies to love.

In a reading you can’t place your human expectations on the friend or loved one in spirit and compare them to the friend or loved one you knew in the physical in deed or speak as it can be a completely different or only somewhat familiar experience. Some things will feel like they did when they were in the physical and some things won’t. We just have to have an open mind and heart as we experience such a visit from a loved one in spirit through a professional medium or psychic. I always tell folks to focus on the wonderful spiritual energy of the visit rather than our human needs or expectations from them.

Also just a small note on test questions during your reading for the loved one in spirit. Many times folks will ask test questions of the spirit coming through to see if they are actually talking with a friend or loved one… i.e. what was your favourite color ?

This is a complete waste of time and your money as valuable minutes of your reading are being eaten up. Spirit does not play test questions and will not waste time on them either when they have come forward especially to speak with a friend or a loved one sometimes only for a minute or two.

I always say ask spirit a test question & be prepared for an over the top answer that will be a silly as the test question.

I hope this helps you properly prepare for & understand your next spirit reading with a professional.

Lots of love & blessings

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You Have The Tools To Your Health Not Facebook

Recently I have been watching with great interest the Facebook gossip trends & have found that there is a surprising increase in illness being shared in status updates from minor flu bugs to major diseases. I am sure this increase has never really been in a decrease it’s just now being talked about more openly or shared with others on Face Book.

I have done a bit of research with the reporting folks who are sick & what is alarming to me is the new “thing” is to tell everyone “subtlety” on Facebook that your sick.. then have everyone weigh in on what you should do to get better.. thank them..then ignore the advice completly and a few days later report that your sick & don’t know what to do.

It appears that Facebook has become a substitute for professional heath care treatment and therapy services. I do believe it has become this way in part because for some folks they don’t have to leave the house & pay for coffee with a friend like in the past to complain how sick they are, or they don’t have to find thier health card from the black hole that swallowed it and wait in a huge line at the Dr’s office only to be put on terrible antibiotics that go against their “i don’t take any medication” views. As well on Facebook folks will generally get only what they want to hear in feedback from their friends and if they don’t they can delete it.

I am a teacher of 24 Posture Therapeutic Qigong which has been used daily for thousands of years in China to prevent and or cure illness & disease and is very beneficial in boosting your immune system & keeping you healthy.

I have on several occasions talked about the health benefits to those who are reporting illness to everyone on Facebook and encouraged them to do or learn Qigong even if they are in the middle of an illness. I mention that if you are in the middle of an illness the recovery time will be cut in half or better. 24 Posture Qigong is very low impact & takes about 30-40 mins to do on average and anyone can do it regardless of physical capabilities.

The response interestingly enough is most times silence or “Ok thanks”. A few days later the Facebook posts are the same “I am sick and have been off work for days” etc etc. Again more folks weigh in with thoughts, remedies and solutions only to have the person who is ill respond “ok thanks” and take no action to get better.

My point is this good friends.. you have the knowledge of wellness at your finger tips and I am a big believer for myself in a combination of eastern & western medicine working together. At some point you have to take responsibility for your personal wellness and go and actually take some forward action to get better if you really want to. I am not saying you should be forced to do any one thing someone recommends but what is the point of “putting it out there” if you didn’t want assistance in the first place.

The bottom line for me is rather than complain about being sick on Facebook make quiet but powerful strides to recovery. Get to the professionals.


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Vacation Vision Quest

I just came back off a cruise trip to Mexico my first ever.

We had a 2 day drive to New Orleans ahead of us and i communicated with the spirits of the land in each area ahead of time and asked for their permission to cross them & asked for safe passage.  I was welcomed to the land and thanked by the spirits for my communication with them.  My family & and i experienced many blessings along the drive and met some fantastic people who gave us many gifts from the heart. I ahead of time asked the spirit of the water if i had it’s permission to cross by boat…but interestingly recieved no response. I told my family of this & my children 11-9 asked on day 2 of our land based travels if I had heard anything back yet from the water spirit.  I said no & asked the water spirit again that night before bed for permission to cross it but again got no response.  I became a little nervous wondering the meaning behind the silence.


While on the water portion of the trip the weather was hard and the sea was rough….some people on the cruise said this was the worst seas they had ever seen or experienced in the Gulf of Mexico.. so I spoke to the water spirits again one evening before bed and asked why the sea was so rough on our journey & why the winds were so strong.


I lay in bed in the middle of the ocean a little nervous in my ships cabin with my family curled up around me in the night…this modern ship rocking back & forth violently and creaking terribly.  I felt & saw through my cabin window the power of the water as the waves grew and grew and crashed against the side of the ship… I thought how easily the water could have taken everyone on board this ship.  I thought of all who had lost thier lives at sea. I pondered whether people were meant to cross the ocean and thought about how we had all assumed as a people that we had the right.

I thought about the abuses the water had suffered as a result of our mass consumption of all things and our waste & destruction of this precious resource had anyone given back to the water in any way i wondered ? The waves grew very turbulent and again i was very frightened. I considered further in my bed if I was going to pay with my life for the abuses others over decades had inflicted on this prescious resource.  I grew very sea sick as did my family and other passengers on the boat and i prayed that first of 2 nights not to be taken & for safe passage to be granted. Again I recieved no response from the spirit of the water.

On day 2 at sea it was cold and unpleasant & this dream trip was no fun…many of the ships social activities were cancelled due to the extreme storm.. night number 2 the weather grew even worse than the first night & passengers whispered they heard it was going to be worse.. but then while lying in my bed I heard the spirit of the water speak to me suddenly.

The spirit of the water said to me “I wanted you to experience my power personally so you can fully comprehend what i possess…I wanted you to understand that i could take life in an instant if i are but a small creature in my vast waters…yet I am abused so freely and damaged without regard by humanities garbage that is tossed into me. I wanted you to never forget me….and so i can only demostrate this by my power. I want you to take this experience back to your home and tell others of what you have witnessed here & heard.  I will spare your life but you must never forget this time together.  I do this(the storm) as a reminder to all of you of my strength and to remind all of humanity to respect my waters. I permit passage but I have limits to my kindness.”


With those words ending our conversation I was humbled & thanked the water spirit for this experience & for sparing our lives and I said in closing that I had a different appreciation for it & a greater respect.  I promised to heed it’s lessons and tell others.  With that I fell asleep.  The storm conituned to pound the boat all night and well into the next day as we ported in Mexico.  As we sailed once again for New Orleans I grew nervous but the sea was calm and the sunset beautiful. I was happy to reach land when we docked at the end of our journey.

I believe this is why I went on this trip not for pleasure as I thought but for a lesson like no other..a lesson in kindness & respect for the water.  So I share with you this story & message from the water as it was given to me and as I promised I would do.


Love & Blessings

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Santa As My Teacher & Guide

A while back i was participating in a shamanic gathering and as each guest arrived my teacher would introduce the person to everyone in the room.  When I arrived my teacher introduced me and then made a curious statement…”Santa is his teacher”. She was referring of course to the spirit of Santa being my teacher & guide in life or my spirit guide if you will.

For those of you who don’t know me well each year around the holidays I take advantage of my big white beard and dress as Santa for children & adults.  It brings me great joy to bring joy to others & I have been doing it for years.  When I dress as Santa I feel something inside of me that is so magical & powerful in a way words could not describe it often times brings tears to my eyes. People make comments to me all the time like “you are the best Santa I have ever seen” or “You are the real Santa”.  Many times people cry tears of joy and hug me firmly telling me I bring back the “spirit of Christmas”.

When I am spreading the joy & love of Santa in public I have found curiously that there is a greater number each year of sick & injured people coming up to see me and asking me for the gift of rehabilitation or pain relief. I get more requests to pass along messages to loved ones who have crossed over.  Keep in mind none of these folks know that I am a channeler all year long.  I found that I am strongly drawn (unconciously) to place my hand upon the head of each child I see & to be in some sort of physical connection with every adult either by hug or shaking hands that I meet as Santa. Each person is given the love of this wonderful spirit energy and each person hears ‘Santa loves you”.

As I pondered curiously my teachers comment I began to realize something that I had never considered before.  As a channel for spirit I am open to allowing into me all of spirits messages and I welcome spirit to talk through me to the people of the world all year long and give messages of guidance & love so why would this situation be any different ? The answer is…there is no difference…I am chanelling spirit & in this case the spirit of St.Nicholas, Father Christmas,Santa or the many other names he goes by around the world. To say I am further humbled would be an understatement.  I further realized the red suit is just a means to an end…a way to reach the masses from around the world..a becon of spiritual light to bring the people.

My shamanic teacher that day I believe was a messenger of timing & she was being called upon by spirit to make me aware of this so that i could “tune in” to this blessed spirit energy even more with the conscious realization of the purpose of this work.  Sometimes when we are not aware of something or we don’t see the entire picture we can’t fully embrace the gifts it brings.

Since this profound realization I have viewed the work of Santa as not just one of spreading joy to the world but also one of giving the gift of healing to others.  Not just physical healing but emotional healing.  Although the time visiting with each person is brief the rewards to both of us are enormous.  I remember a mother who told me recently when you wear the Santa suit you do it with so much heart…more heart than I have ever seen !

To that mother I say it’s not my heart you are seeing it’s truly Santa’s heart.

I wish you & your entire family & all the people in your life lots of love, adventure and  a very Merry Christmas.


Love Always


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Spiritual Practice In Good Times & Bad

The spiritual belief system has been a real blessing for me and it has gotten me out of the darkness and into a new normal.  Without it I often wonder what would have become of me during those dark times when the lessons could be tasted like a good garlic.

I have learned the many aspects of spirituality and embraced many of it`s concepts which have in turn led to visions and new worlds where the magic flows freely and everyone i meet brings a piece of the puzzle.  My life everyday has become an amazing journey to cherish and i look forward with random excitement to waking up each morning because a new chapter evolves and presents itself.  What will today hold I ask myself !

If the day brings forth things that make me feel good I embrace my spirituality and thank the spirit world for the gifts I received.  If the day brings challenges then I lean on spirituality for support and review what lessons i was meant to learn today by having the challenges.  Either way I thank the spirit world for the journey that day and once again look forward to tomorrows magical gifts & lessons.

Many times I see folks who during the good times embrace thier belief system and wear it like a badge of honor.  They tell others about it and smile proudly as they project the appearance of living thier belief system day in and day out.  However I have also seen those same folks give it all up when a bad day presents itself…they abandon thier posts and rely on the old standby`s of  negative Face Book rants, alcohol, bad advice from friends and letting go to the point of self abuse. Where is thier spirituality and thier strong values associated with it. Why was it so easy to give up on thier belief system and return to the old ways.

My point is this…spirituality or any belief system is not just for the good times it`s for the challenging times as well.  It`s easy to rest upon this badge when all is going well…anyone can do that…but it`s when the challenges come and you feel that you might not be able to carry on…that`s when you really see if you are speaking the truth about believeing in what you preach or profess.  This is where the rubber meets the road !  Can you lean on your belief system for support and take it`s many teachings and apply them to whatever is going on in your world…can you reflect on it`s many lessons through the anger, hurt and pain of loss.  Can you avoid self inflicted public spectacles and social media outburts in favor of quiet humble contemplation and reflection. Do you abandon hope and fall into statements of defeat or do you pick yourself up and say…what am i to learn from this and what doors have just been opened to a new chapter.

Your spiritual practice is very important and it will guide you through the giant waves of the storm if you just listen carefully and watch for the signs posts that guide the way. However If you abandon the ship during rough seas out of fear it will sink and you enter the sea without a life preserver you will soon find out that the lights in the distance you are seeing are those of the very ship you abandoned…no it didn`t sink as you thought and the ones that stayed onboard during the storm are happier for having trusted the old vessel would carry them through.

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Stretch Yourself

Stretching yourself

Growth and improvement come from attempting to do what you previously could not do. Real, valuable learning comes from working to understand and to master what you previously have not known.

Achievement is a process of continually stretching yourself beyond prior limitations. Persist in stepping outside your boundaries, and you greatly expand those boundaries.

What was once impossible for you can become commonplace. What has so far held you back can become the basis for your success.

Sticking with only what you know keeps you stuck where you are. When you refuse to leave your comfort zone it will quickly become your prison.

Every bit of progress you’ve ever made has been the result of shaking off your inhibitions. You’ve done it many times before and you can do it many more times again.

So go ahead and get out beyond the comfortable trap of all you’re used to and all you’re sure of. Challenge yourself, stretch yourself, and reach beyond yourself all the way to the fulfilment of your most outstanding dreams.

— Ralph Marston


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The Universal/ Dimensional Mind During Readings

When I have done readings for groups of folks over the years I usually give some sort of pre-talk that spirit guides me on before the channeled message portion of the evening begins.

I have considered as of late that when my audience attends one of my events they generally only hear spirits messages through thier ears and take what is being said to them in a very literal sense. So this past time I addressed the group with words I have never said before.

I told them in essence to listen with thier universal mind as opposed to their conscious one. I asked that they consider the messages being given to them and without conscious judgment as to whether they seem to apply to them or not sit with the messages…take the messages home and allow the energy of the message to reach all of thier realities.

You see when you are called to a Zoltach group reading or private reading you are being called from several of your realities or dimensions to hear an evolutionary message that will directly affect the life contract. So when a client comes to a session expecting to ask about a future job or love possibility what they are in reality getting besides a conscious message is soul code information.

These Zoltach interactions are deeply profound and so chocked full of multiple dimensional messages and energy signatures that the original vehicle (the human body)that brought the person to Zoltach for a simple message sometimes leaves the event feeling ungrounded,spacey or dizzy. Is it any wonder with all these hidden things going on at these sessions that you might feel this way ?

Sometimes the human mind cannot conceive of the answers being given to them right away because it takes time for the Information & energy medicine on all levels in all realities to be processed into the human reality. So getting back to my original pre talk I did for the first time at my last event I was hoping to prepare the audience for all of this change to come before the session actually began. I think I got my message to them. We then did a short meditation & a ceremonial smudge to prepare the body & mind.

So I Invite you to prepare yourself the next time you come to one of my Zoltach events or private readings to open yourself up and listen to the messages you are given with your universal mind and take these profound teachings and sit with them for a day,week or month ponder and savor them and then think about how they apply finally to your human reality and if you cant see how it possibly could then smile and sit back knowing it will all be revealed to you in good order. And you thought you were coming to just another psychic experience !.

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