Messages From Home

Messages From Home Book Cover
Sayge’s first channelled book “Messages From Home” is now available!

Order your copy today! Only $30 for an autographed book, including taxes, shipping and handling.Books are also available at the following stores:

  • Chapters Book Store (St.Catharines)
  • Daniela’s Day Spa (St.Catharines)

Reader’s Comments on “Messages From Home”

Messages From Home is a very profound and empowering read. I enjoyed Zoltach’s humour and very ‘real’ messages from the other side which has answered many questions that I have had about life in general, spirituality and so much more! It was very difficult to put down and I didn’t want this very enlightening experience to end. I cannot wait for the next!

Thank you Sayge for this wonderful experience and your connection to the other side. Very powerful ‘food for thought’…

Tammy, New Castle, ON
July 27th, 2010

With gratitude, I found “Messages From Home” to be a very illuminating read. I resonated with the content on many levels, and found it to be a very healing experience. So much so, that I could not do anything else until I completed the book ! Congratulations and thank you so much !

Sandra Marynissen
November 11th, 2008

“Just wanted to say how much I am loving the book, it is absolutely amazing : ). I have never connected to a book like this before, it feels like everything that I read just validates things that I have always felt but was never able to express in words before. Thank you thank you Sayge and Nancy you did a wonderful job. So if you haven’t read the book yet, I highly recommend it.”


Hello Sayge!!

I began reading your book the way I begin all books, from the end!! Then, I perused through the middle and then started at the beginning. Already, I know I will want a couple of more copies. I am selective in who I give this type of information to, individuals who have open minds and are receptive to Divine energy. I am halfway through the second chapter . . . after the first chapter my head was spinning . . . to read the words in the way they are printed is very much like being home – to have confirmation of what I know to be true!!! All that comes out is WOW!!!

You are truly a gift and a blessing, thank you thank you.

Ann Marie

Hello Sayge,

So happy to see the Messages from Home book is helping people. For myself and my family The Zoltach information has been invaluable. I think of the messages as sign posts that are continually pointing the way. Of course we have to walk the path, and make the choices, but the signs are reassuring reminders of the spiritual helpers that are available to us at all times.

Thank you for walking your path! In light,


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