The Human Experiment

Have you ever wondered how we all got here & why?

Have you ever pondered the existence of unseen forces that might influence our everyday living & even the future of human kind?

International author, shaman & deep trance channel Rev.Sayge channels Zoltach in this exciting new book on creation which will provide shocking answers about life on our planet & ancient knowledge which will empower you well into the future.

Within this book are the keys that unlock our past creation & the blue prints to our future generations.


Reader’s Comments on “The Human Experiment”

“The first chapter alone explains so many things and ties into the information mankind already has but has interpreted this information to a close but wrong conclusion. So much to try to comprehend but it will clarify a lot for a lot of people. A MUST READ but hold on to your seats when you read it”.

Harry Doucette (Niagara)

“I am already on Page 49 at this time and ALL I can say is WOW!!! I am feeling my vibrations raise, and my energy surge, even getting goose bumps as though I am “recognizing” the information! Off to finish reading the book. If you haven’t gotten a copy, I suggest you do.”

Lesley Robertson

“Just finished reading “The Human Experiment”. Awesome! A fascinating look at our human ‘roots’ as well as where we are heading. A great read! ”


The messages shared in these pages are so vast & intense you WILL be compelled to read it several times in order to absorb them all…

Murielle Hall

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