Do You Feel Spirits Call

Have you ever felt a strong urge to work with a teacher or a life guide ? From time to time we feel a call to work with someone in an area of life we desire to expand upon. A teacher or guide is then sought out and you begin a journey with that person that takes you to new realms of consciousness. The person you chose to lead & mentor you is by no mistake and is not a random choice based on price or personality.This is spirits call to you ! This guidance to connect with your teacher or guide is so strong that no other choice could be made. When I am
asked can you recommend someone to teach me this or that I always respond “follow your heart to where you are guided to learn”. The choice is not mine but yours and you must choose. What lessons will this teacher or guide teach you ? Embark into the unknown with this stranger and trust in spirits guidance you have made the right choice !
Love Always

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