I May One Day Hurt Your Feelings

If there is one thing I have noticed in this life as I listen & learn each day it is the vast amount of people who are “hurt” by others. “Hurt” by other words & actions either directly or indirectly and offended or “hurt” that “they” would do that to me”.  Most people spend so much time being “hurt” & then recoiling from this “hurt” for days,weeks & months & years that I wonder if they realize just how much time has been wasted feeling & dealing with the “hurt” that was caused. The reason I write about this now is that as I sit here reviewing old e mails that have gathered in my inbox from the past year I came across one from a dear friend who said she was “hurt” by my severing our business relationship & in turn she ended our friendship.. I reflect on our friendship with fondness & love and ponder even today the many lessons it has brought me but the time had come because the lesson was complete. You see we were both teachers for one another.

You see there is a greater spirit plan at work here.

There is an old saying that says “people are in your life for a reason, season or a life time”. I add my own ending to this “of learning & lessons. Please know they will hurt you in some way at some point”. I believe that people in your life…all people are teachers & all have lessons for you to learn from them.  When the lesson plan is complete there will be a severing of the old relationship in the form it once exisited. I like to think of this as” kicking you out of the nest to fly with your new found wisdom”This very experience of the moment of “hurt” which causes separation is designed by spirit to cause a cutting of the cord between you & the other person.  This may be a temporary separation an hour , a day or a week etc or a permanent one..forever.  But in any case when this happens I want you to review what lessons that the hurt was based on.

Now sure at first there will be surface anger and you won’t see clearly perhaps but after a while when your thoughts and energy return to normal simply go to your sacred space and meditate on what the lessons for you were this time around with this person (try to be objective) as opposed to blaming, complaining or plotting revenge on the other who you percieve hurt you.  I want you to go into every relationship in your life with this knowing…the other person at some point will “hurt” you either by words, deeds or your perception of the former.  These folks (the ones who “hurt” you) are great teachers indeed and should be thanked for the free lessons.  Rather than complaining about the “hurts” or as i call them the “lessons” you are being taught to all your friends on Face Book simply say “thanks for the teachings” in your status & send them love & gratitude in your heart.  Hard to do ?? at first yes…but get beyond your ego mind and practice what i am saying…it is not some feel good philosophy but a true reality.

When the teachers lesson plan is complete a severing must follow to signify the end of one lesson and the beginning of another much like a final exam in school signifies the end of a lesson.. So don’t be mad or angry anymore at the many teachers in your life.  Please know in advance that one day even I will “hurt” you by my words or deeds but please don’t hate me when it happens for I do it with universal love for you & as a part of your life lesson plan.



With Love

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