Living Without Expectation

In my work I run into folks all the time who are in distress about life not giving them what they expect or deserve. Our society is filled with those who believe they are due certain good things because they are a good friend to someone, work hard or live well or donate to thier local charity. Zoltach (my spirit helper) told a group I was channelling for many years ago “live without expectation”. These are true words to live by indeed as I have learned over my lifetime that expectation breeds misery & many times our expectations never meet our outcomes. The cycle continues over & over again and what is left at the end of life is regeret & disappointment because we expected to much from life.

There is a Buddhist teaching that is similar that says something like don’t want something you can’t have right now in this moment but enjoy & treasure what you do have in this moment. Not many folks understand this teaching of living without expectation when I teach it & sometimes I hear folks say “you mean I can’t be happy” or “I can’t dream of having a better life with a big house or a loving partner to share my ritches with”. I tell them I am not saying that at all…what I am saying & what Zoltach was saying when he told us this long ago was..don’t expect it ! There are no hard & fast rules here in this life that say “you will get what you expect or you think you deserve at some point”. Some would argue the basics like “if I work I deserve to get paid for that work”..I ask you to observe the many who haven’t been paid for the work they have done because thier company they worked for closed up suddenly or went bankrupt. Others would say” I deserve to have a comfortable life fiancially because my parents are millionaires and should look after me”…I ask you to observe the many parents who are millionaires and keep it all to themselves because their children have been unkind to them. I could go on & on with examples of expectation.

This western society is expectation obsessed even after years of living with unmet expectations. Generation after generation of folks who claim they have been denied what’s owed to them. This is the very problem & they just can’t break the cycle. I offer you relief dear friends from the expectation of expectation….live without it & you will find peace & happiness in your life. How do I do this you ask ? Just turn off the expectation switch and live instead in amazing gratitude for all that you have right at this moment. Once you do this you will have all your dreams come true on thier own terms not on yours.

I love you


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