Ottawa Zoltach Community 2011

I just got finished a wonderful group event where I channeled Zoltach before the largest audience I have ever had. It was a wonderful evening that I will never forget and Zoltach was magnificent from what I understand. Folks came from as far away as Kirkland Lake Ontario which is approx 10 hours away to hear Zoltach’s wisdom and guidance.

As i release myself from the outcomes of these events the messages from spirit get stronger and more and more people feel the call to hear the words of this loving, divine & humerous spirit guide. Listen to the messages friends and ponder them for many days afterward for there are many dimensions to them.

I look forward to our next time together when I can once again share the wisdom of our spirit father. Thanks to the loving people of Ottawa for once again supporting my work with spirit. I look forward to seeing you all again in February of 2012.

Until then may peace prevail on earth.

Rev Sayge

Rev Sayge

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