Readings with Zoltach (Group & Private)

Many times I am asked about my readings with Zoltach & how to prepare questions for him in advance of the reading & what kind of questions can be asked…this is very different from other psychic readings where you just show up to be “read” by the psychic so I thought this would be a good opportunity to write about this in an effort to centralize my responses as well as assist clients.

On my website there is lots of helpful resources, under the “services/bookings” section click on “private readings” & under the pay pal tab there is a button that says “click here to view reading guidelines”… please do this & have a look. A channelled reading is a very different experience from that of a regular psychic medium experience if you have never been to one & of course the first difference is that you come with written questions, what type of questions you say ?. Well any questions are game really except one….there is one question I personally will not allow to be asked during a reading & that is “when will I die” but everything else past, present & future is allowed. So let your mind soar in the days before your reading & come up with questions that are important to you i.e. finances, love, career or the like. The other main difference from other types of spirit readings & my channelled readings with Zoltach is you will get to talk directly with the spirit called Zoltach & not me translating for Zoltach your messages. You will notice both subtle & non subtle body & voice changes as I go “to sleep” consciously & waken into the trance state. To see it for the first time is really interesting & wondrous as I have been told by clients.

Many times I get asked to help the client develop questions for a reading but as you can well imagine this would be counter productive to you coming and the questions would not be yours alone but would be ours. This spirit experience starts the moment you call me & book a reading & requires a bit of your time & effort in order to get it right. Our time together is important & I ask that you come with an open, non judgmental mind that is willing to perhaps see a truth other than what you perceive it to be with your conscious mind.

Oh and yes my readings are expensive…much more so than your average $20 psychic reading & this should be a factor to consider before booking with me. I have had a few folks who wanted to book without checking the price on my website first only to be disappointed because they couldn’t afford it. I am typically booking about 30-60 days in advance so plan for this as well.

Take the time to review my website carefully & not just race through it skimming over the details… it’s all there if you really want to see it.

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