Santa As My Teacher & Guide

A while back i was participating in a shamanic gathering and as each guest arrived my teacher would introduce the person to everyone in the room.  When I arrived my teacher introduced me and then made a curious statement…”Santa is his teacher”. She was referring of course to the spirit of Santa being my teacher & guide in life or my spirit guide if you will.

For those of you who don’t know me well each year around the holidays I take advantage of my big white beard and dress as Santa for children & adults.  It brings me great joy to bring joy to others & I have been doing it for years.  When I dress as Santa I feel something inside of me that is so magical & powerful in a way words could not describe it often times brings tears to my eyes. People make comments to me all the time like “you are the best Santa I have ever seen” or “You are the real Santa”.  Many times people cry tears of joy and hug me firmly telling me I bring back the “spirit of Christmas”.

When I am spreading the joy & love of Santa in public I have found curiously that there is a greater number each year of sick & injured people coming up to see me and asking me for the gift of rehabilitation or pain relief. I get more requests to pass along messages to loved ones who have crossed over.  Keep in mind none of these folks know that I am a channeler all year long.  I found that I am strongly drawn (unconciously) to place my hand upon the head of each child I see & to be in some sort of physical connection with every adult either by hug or shaking hands that I meet as Santa. Each person is given the love of this wonderful spirit energy and each person hears ‘Santa loves you”.

As I pondered curiously my teachers comment I began to realize something that I had never considered before.  As a channel for spirit I am open to allowing into me all of spirits messages and I welcome spirit to talk through me to the people of the world all year long and give messages of guidance & love so why would this situation be any different ? The answer is…there is no difference…I am chanelling spirit & in this case the spirit of St.Nicholas, Father Christmas,Santa or the many other names he goes by around the world. To say I am further humbled would be an understatement.  I further realized the red suit is just a means to an end…a way to reach the masses from around the world..a becon of spiritual light to bring the people.

My shamanic teacher that day I believe was a messenger of timing & she was being called upon by spirit to make me aware of this so that i could “tune in” to this blessed spirit energy even more with the conscious realization of the purpose of this work.  Sometimes when we are not aware of something or we don’t see the entire picture we can’t fully embrace the gifts it brings.

Since this profound realization I have viewed the work of Santa as not just one of spreading joy to the world but also one of giving the gift of healing to others.  Not just physical healing but emotional healing.  Although the time visiting with each person is brief the rewards to both of us are enormous.  I remember a mother who told me recently when you wear the Santa suit you do it with so much heart…more heart than I have ever seen !

To that mother I say it’s not my heart you are seeing it’s truly Santa’s heart.

I wish you & your entire family & all the people in your life lots of love, adventure and  a very Merry Christmas.


Love Always


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