Spiritual Drama

As I sit by the fire contemplating what to write about I considered in my mind the many disagreements I am privy to as a result of my shamanic counseling work between individuals who are “spiritual”. During those disagreements “spirituality” as a term or belief is thrown around like a WWE superstar in a cage match. Battered and bruised “spirituality” stands up again & again without throwing a punch back or complaining or arguing. It simply dusts itself off and bow’s (hands clasped) to the warriors who were engaged in “spiritual battle for……exactly….for what ? Most of these battles are battles for spiritual superiority of the mind only…an ego battle that has no place in spirituality to begin with. If we are truly spiritual peoples we must find balance, love & peace in the face of all adversity. I do not suggest this is easy by any means but we have to learn by doing. I am reminded by one of my wise teachers of the Seven Grandfather Teachings as a guide to living life in harmony and in spiritual balance & I feel now is the time to revisit them in an effort to further our personal spiritual lessons & restore balance to our life. Let us consider the following :

Wisdom: (North) to have enough life experience to know what comes of our choices, good or bad; to acknowledge & practice values that respect all people.

Love: (North) the unconditional acceptance of all things, including self; to receive the love of another with acceptance.

Respect (West) to honor the existence of each & every being, whether or not you like their choices; to be clear about others boundaries and (to respect yourself) have personal boundaries. This creates rebirth.

Bravery: (East) the fearless confrontation of anything we might fear or causes us pitfalls; to accept responsibility for the issues/persons appearing in our life.

Honesty: (East) to acknowledge & take responsibility for our situation & to embrace with wisdom the steps to take. Honesty is intrinsic-we understand how are actions affect others.

Humility: (South) is to know that I am a small player on a big stage. Also to know that I don’t know everything & can’t be all things to all people. One is fallible and can make mistakes.

Truth: (South) is in the larger picture, and is there when I have done the work to find it -living the 7 grandfather teachings. Truth is extrinsic.

I love all of these & feel that if we truly want to be spiritual peoples we should embrace these teachings daily and stop the spirit drama. Practice peace my friends in the face of the storm and be well until the next time we meet by the fire.

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