Spiritual Practice In Good Times & Bad

The spiritual belief system has been a real blessing for me and it has gotten me out of the darkness and into a new normal.  Without it I often wonder what would have become of me during those dark times when the lessons could be tasted like a good garlic.

I have learned the many aspects of spirituality and embraced many of it`s concepts which have in turn led to visions and new worlds where the magic flows freely and everyone i meet brings a piece of the puzzle.  My life everyday has become an amazing journey to cherish and i look forward with random excitement to waking up each morning because a new chapter evolves and presents itself.  What will today hold I ask myself !

If the day brings forth things that make me feel good I embrace my spirituality and thank the spirit world for the gifts I received.  If the day brings challenges then I lean on spirituality for support and review what lessons i was meant to learn today by having the challenges.  Either way I thank the spirit world for the journey that day and once again look forward to tomorrows magical gifts & lessons.

Many times I see folks who during the good times embrace thier belief system and wear it like a badge of honor.  They tell others about it and smile proudly as they project the appearance of living thier belief system day in and day out.  However I have also seen those same folks give it all up when a bad day presents itself…they abandon thier posts and rely on the old standby`s of  negative Face Book rants, alcohol, bad advice from friends and letting go to the point of self abuse. Where is thier spirituality and thier strong values associated with it. Why was it so easy to give up on thier belief system and return to the old ways.

My point is this…spirituality or any belief system is not just for the good times it`s for the challenging times as well.  It`s easy to rest upon this badge when all is going well…anyone can do that…but it`s when the challenges come and you feel that you might not be able to carry on…that`s when you really see if you are speaking the truth about believeing in what you preach or profess.  This is where the rubber meets the road !  Can you lean on your belief system for support and take it`s many teachings and apply them to whatever is going on in your world…can you reflect on it`s many lessons through the anger, hurt and pain of loss.  Can you avoid self inflicted public spectacles and social media outburts in favor of quiet humble contemplation and reflection. Do you abandon hope and fall into statements of defeat or do you pick yourself up and say…what am i to learn from this and what doors have just been opened to a new chapter.

Your spiritual practice is very important and it will guide you through the giant waves of the storm if you just listen carefully and watch for the signs posts that guide the way. However If you abandon the ship during rough seas out of fear it will sink and you enter the sea without a life preserver you will soon find out that the lights in the distance you are seeing are those of the very ship you abandoned…no it didn`t sink as you thought and the ones that stayed onboard during the storm are happier for having trusted the old vessel would carry them through.

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