The Art of Saying Thank You

It’s Thanksgiving day 2012 & I was just sitting here pondering my blessings in life when i was reminded of the communication game we play more often then not when we are given gifts from others. You know the one “oh no I could never accept this gift” or ” no no you don’t have to do that” or “I am not going to allow you to pay..I am going to pay”.

This back and forth goes on for several minutes with greater anxiety being felt by both parties and generally leaves someone feeling a bit vulnerable or out of sorts or possibly even offended. Why do we play this game I ask you ? Are we being polite or are we playing the ego game or perhaps we don’t know how to act or what to say when confronted with such generosity.

A good friend taught me a while back a profound lesson about the art of saying thank you. That lesson is this, If someone wants to do something nice for us by giving us a gift….accept the gift without the game smile brightly & say simply “thank you”. There is no greed or harm in this action in fact you are doing the person giving the gift a great honor. I love this teaching & have since adopted it in my life…. it takes all the stress away and makes the gift giving & receiving experience whether it’s dinner out or an unexpected cash donation much more easy & enjoyable not to mention more time friendly.

Just say “thank you” with perhaps a hug or kiss if it fancies you.. nothing more & nothing less it’s that easy and move on with life.

Happy Thanksgiving !

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