The Coffee Stoop (Relationships Gone Wrong)

Many times we as humans find the end of intimate relationships in our lives to be a rock filled road where one or the other involved dashes to social media to exlaim the end of the relatiosnhip first. Like a precision military operation we want to be the ones to strike first & inflict the most damage on the other with a key stroke with our friends & family acting as the international audience we are trying to sway & impress to support our future war against the other. But why is this mass public message of alone-ness really required along with the ensuing derogatory “he said she said” totureous ongoing daily conversation ? Is it to massage our own ego ? To what end is this oral disservice to our relatiosnhips we once cherished pursued ?

You see our “friends” love this sort of thing because it then gives them something to gossip about as well to the people they know & further negative energy is created upon you the one they speak about. You see every time our name or person is referred to in a positive or negative sense through discussion it creates energy that comes back your way & adds to your life either in a positive or negative way as you percieve it. Words are seeds remember ! Is it not better after the ending of a relatiosnship no matter how it ended to just move on in silence with no military social media attacks or proclamations of the final end of the story. To move forward with respect for yourself the other person & this sacred love experience intact. To ponder in silence the many lessons you have learned & incorporate them into your daily life now.

Set your flags down & call away your horsemen & infantry units there is no need….honor the past relatioships & your choices with your personal silence & when the wolves come down the trail looking for blood…& they will…simply tell them “my dear wolves there is nothing for you to hear so go elswhere for your daily food consumption of coffee stoop drama”.

Move forward in love


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