The Divine Teacher Who Disturbs Us

In many places in the world there are teachers of life who are sought by students who want to learn various things. The teacher finding journey is an important one but take heed upon what you enter. Once the teacher or guru of your “dreams” is chosen the learning experience can be very different than what you imagined it would be. Teachers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, attitudes & styles. Finding the “right” one for you is a bit of a task to be sure. Search well with a good pair of shoes on.

Are you a consumer ? if so perhaps reconsider purchasing a teacher…are you a “foodie”?…if so you must not search out a teacher because a pizza is better for you. Are you really ready to truly examine your reasons behind wanting a teacher in the first place ? Be careful what you wish for. Finding a teacher is a serious thing that can change your life for the better or be your worst experience ever depending on whether your ready for what you are asking for.

When the student is ready the teacher will come” is an old saying that has a lot of information contained within it’s very few words. Teachers by design are there to challenge & love you at the same time & this may mean that you will be treated in such a way that perhaps you are not accustomed to. Perhaps you will be asked to do things outside of your comfort zone & pushed to your limits mentally & spiritually… for some in North America this is referred to as “tough love”.

You will be asked to trust your teacher fully & respect his or her in times when it may appear they don’t offer the same in return. However a good teacher does these things to disturb your percieved balance into growth for only what has been shaken & stirred tastes good. Remember you went to find a teacher to learn & grow & in most areas of North American culture this type of growth described above the “shaken & stirred kind” will stir resentment & anger & grow the students sense of self entitilement.

YES I say ahhh this is the good stuff of teachers but most will say NO & search for warmer climates only to be discouraged by a lot of time with little personal reward. I have personally found we have become to sensitive in this society to these age old concepts of teachers. This is the time of Face Book drama not courage & how sad this is indeed. “I want this …I want that” you have offended me because you didn’t do what I wanted or treated me how I wanted & I paid you MY good money to do it….here is a good lesson…it’s not about your good money…’s about changing the way you believe in yourself & everything around you…..with a teacher your personal currency is something very different than what you imagined…..Ahhh have I hit a nerve ??

I Love YOU

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