The Entitlement Complex

All summer & now into the fall I have been glancing my Face book news feed when I have some time. To be honest this usually leaves me feeling out of sorts & sad by what I see humanity is saying to one another. I have said time & time again to my wife I will never read the news feed stuff again on Face Book but then on some evening I will find myself a little bored & I glance at it to catch up on friends news only to be disappointed once again. Sometimes I notice I am deeply triggered by the things I am reading. I found myself in just such a state over the past few months & felt now the appropriate time to make my observations known.

The disturbing trend I have found on Face Book recently is that more & more people are telling others how to live thier lives in general status updates which are generally directed at the entire population even though people never asked for thier opinion. As the reader it is one thing to read an inspirational blurb that lifts the spirit or brings clarity to a life issue but that is not what I am referring to. I am referring to those folks that feel wholly entitled to tell us when or when not to walk our animals due to the weather, how to share our grief after a tradgedy, when to put up our Christmas lights & decorations or not, how to celebrate our dead or our living hero’s, proper ettiquette for holidays in thier opinion & the list goes on & on. It appears to be the old story of to many supervisors & not enough employee’s.

For this I have to ask the question…who asked theses self appointed regulators of everyone elses life to become our parental guides on these matters ? Or were they simply asserting themselves like an out of control steam roller over us because they felt entitled to ? I know I am going off on a bit of a tangent here but these are my further observations…. please bare with me…we have government, police & a whole lot of other appointed bodies to tell us what we should & should not do as a society (too many in my opinion) so when social media becomes a forum for our “friends” to do the same some of us begin to feel a bit prickly & thorny in protest. Please keep in check the ego generated entitlement complex or need for control over things that are none of your concern folks for the sake of others life enjoyment & free will to do what pleases them personally.

If we need your bold guidance as to when we should put up our Christmas lights or walk our dog for example we will ask you for it. If those who committ this crime of social policing want to continue to assert themselves & tell others what to do or how to do it they should apply to one of the many thosands of jobs available in government where they can swing thier swords of social justice & get paid for it….until then just say “I love you” or say nothing at all. At the end of the day Face Book seems to be nothing but a place for

Love to All

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