The New Student

As the new year begins I usually have an influx of e mails & phone calls pertaining to private study with me in the area of Shamanism & spirituality. New students come from all walks of life & in the beginning are very enthusiastic with regards to learning about the many things that I have become aware of over the course of my personal awakening. I call it the fast & furious stage because generally the new student wants the circus magic type stuff that they expect a spiritual teacher to have and they usually want it(the information & spiritual training) yesterday because they have ‘wasted enough of life’ & have had it up to the ears with the material world & all it’s “fakeness”.

The new student generally comes to desire this deeper spirtitual knowledge & sense of worldly things because they are in spiritual crises & the local fitness craze whatever that may be at the time didn’t change a thing. They still feel empty inside after the 25th pushup or AB crunch & this creates more frustration and inner imbalance. The new student generally goes to Google & types in “spiritual training” or the like & spends minutes, hours or sometimes days searching for what appeals to them. Then if they come across my information they make all the appropriate inquiries, check out my website, face book page & Twitter, they then ask around & then usually if all sounds appealing send the e-mail or make the phone call (please note when you call me you will get my voice mail as I seek to dismantle the current mindset of “I want it fast & now”).. to be honest I probably lose some students I am sure because they don’t want to wait for me to call them back a day or 2 later but this is ok..all good things in good time I always say.

After some pleaseant conversation when I call the new student back we get down to the reason for the call & then we set up a meeting to determine what if anything I can assist with along the path of deeper spiritual learning. If I determine I can assist this enquiring mind I explain my role & what the student can expect from my teachings. Some students smile broadly & brim with aniticipation & excitement whilst others remain composed & in control looking.. asking structured logical questions. With some new students during the meeting phase there is an attempt to show case there previous life experience & to let me know what they need to learn & what they don’t. This is done so that learning can be accelerated to the “good stuff”. The common thing both styles of students share is they seek to understand this flow life & be one with it rather than a victim of create a balance of inner tranquility. I usually smile & acknowledge thier wonderful resume of life but then tell them to let all of that life experience go and to come to me as a new born baby ready to learn or re-learn about this existence. I simply ask for them to clear the slate of ego & be naked.

I tell all new students the same thing at this point…”the learning has already begun long before our first meeting” & then I tell them “walking with me will not be easy as spirit will create lessons & some of these lessons will not be easy & will test them to thier very core. Mostly they all smile and say “ok good I need the kick in the pants”. With that we set a date to begin “the work”. On the first lesson I again tell the new student how difficult this inner work can be & to be prepared and the response is usually a little less enthusiastic & more fearful and you can see the new student starting to really contemplate what they have gotten themselves into. But they smile politely & we move forward with the first lesson which is unique to everyone who walks with me.

Each of my lessons begins & ends with ceremony & then we part ways after setting up our next time together. Many lessons from spirit take place after we part ways. Sometimes life as the new student knew it before our lesson looks totally different after our first lesson. Sometimes realtionships break up suddenly or jobs are lost without warning or friends disappoint as they never have before. The awakening has started & the spiritual challenges take full bloom in the form of thier everyday life. This is when they forget my words to them “walking with me will not be easy as spirit will create lessons & some of these lessons will not be easy & will test you to your very core”.

This is when the rubber meets the road & the new student is in full life turmoil. As our next lesson date approaches like clock work the new student is feeling like the last thing they want to do is look deeply at themselves again especially when everything in thier life is so up in the air…then generally they will cancel the future lessons already booked with me advising me in a very vague e-mail that life circumstances have gotten in the way & they will contact me again to continue when “things settle down”. This of course is rare to happen as the dramatic lessons/situations continue in thier lives and then life becomes “to busy” to continue the art of looking deeply within & they are never heard from again.

In reality when this happens there are a rare few who will see the sudden turmoil of thier life as part of what they signed up for when they agreed to walk this spiritual path for higher learning, inner balance & enlightenment. The big picture here is that the apparent downward life spiral however it looks to each individual new student is all part of the lessons which will bring you what you originally desired but their is a process or as we know it in Shamanism a” little death” or “dismembering” that must happen…a clearing of the clutter. I call this “the good stuff” as” it” (the hardships you encounter while walking with me) become the hard stone in which to shape yourself on.

Often times in North America when something is challenging to do or is hard on us we sometimes are quick to discard it, abandon ship & swim for easier shores. We are off to the next big thing that will change our life & this is unfortunate as we really miss the spirit boat. On the spiritual path of self exploration I caution.. it is no joke… most times it’s very hard..sometimes the transistions & spiritual lessons of your life as you learn will be hell but in the end if you stick with the process through all it’s montains & valley’s & you trust your spiritual teacher to help guide you through it & to support you I guarantee your spiritual awakening will be all you wanted it to be & more. Your old life as you knew it will cease to exist & your “new” life with “new” vision as you look through spirits eyes this time will be balanced, full of love & the enlightenment you desired. I have many dedicated students who have stayed the course and have walked with me for years & now are spiritual teachers themselves some of them loving & supporting those in need who come to thier path & to them I say I am very proud of who you have become & I honor your spirit walk. I know it has not been an easy walk because I have walked a similar path & come from similar roots and as you now know.. the lessons never end which is a great thing.

To the potential new student who is considering taking on a spiritual teacher & all of the above I say to you…take heed upon what you enter this is NOT the next great trendy thing to do.. it will require 100 percent of your commitment, dedication & perserverance. I await you arrival..

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