The Universal/ Dimensional Mind During Readings

When I have done readings for groups of folks over the years I usually give some sort of pre-talk that spirit guides me on before the channeled message portion of the evening begins.

I have considered as of late that when my audience attends one of my events they generally only hear spirits messages through thier ears and take what is being said to them in a very literal sense. So this past time I addressed the group with words I have never said before.

I told them in essence to listen with thier universal mind as opposed to their conscious one. I asked that they consider the messages being given to them and without conscious judgment as to whether they seem to apply to them or not sit with the messages…take the messages home and allow the energy of the message to reach all of thier realities.

You see when you are called to a Zoltach group reading or private reading you are being called from several of your realities or dimensions to hear an evolutionary message that will directly affect the life contract. So when a client comes to a session expecting to ask about a future job or love possibility what they are in reality getting besides a conscious message is soul code information.

These Zoltach interactions are deeply profound and so chocked full of multiple dimensional messages and energy signatures that the original vehicle (the human body)that brought the person to Zoltach for a simple message sometimes leaves the event feeling ungrounded,spacey or dizzy. Is it any wonder with all these hidden things going on at these sessions that you might feel this way ?

Sometimes the human mind cannot conceive of the answers being given to them right away because it takes time for the Information & energy medicine on all levels in all realities to be processed into the human reality. So getting back to my original pre talk I did for the first time at my last event I was hoping to prepare the audience for all of this change to come before the session actually began. I think I got my message to them. We then did a short meditation & a ceremonial smudge to prepare the body & mind.

So I Invite you to prepare yourself the next time you come to one of my Zoltach events or private readings to open yourself up and listen to the messages you are given with your universal mind and take these profound teachings and sit with them for a day,week or month ponder and savor them and then think about how they apply finally to your human reality and if you cant see how it possibly could then smile and sit back knowing it will all be revealed to you in good order. And you thought you were coming to just another psychic experience !.

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