Vacation Vision Quest

I just came back off a cruise trip to Mexico my first ever.

We had a 2 day drive to New Orleans ahead of us and i communicated with the spirits of the land in each area ahead of time and asked for their permission to cross them & asked for safe passage.  I was welcomed to the land and thanked by the spirits for my communication with them.  My family & and i experienced many blessings along the drive and met some fantastic people who gave us many gifts from the heart. I ahead of time asked the spirit of the water if i had it’s permission to cross by boat…but interestingly recieved no response. I told my family of this & my children 11-9 asked on day 2 of our land based travels if I had heard anything back yet from the water spirit.  I said no & asked the water spirit again that night before bed for permission to cross it but again got no response.  I became a little nervous wondering the meaning behind the silence.


While on the water portion of the trip the weather was hard and the sea was rough….some people on the cruise said this was the worst seas they had ever seen or experienced in the Gulf of Mexico.. so I spoke to the water spirits again one evening before bed and asked why the sea was so rough on our journey & why the winds were so strong.


I lay in bed in the middle of the ocean a little nervous in my ships cabin with my family curled up around me in the night…this modern ship rocking back & forth violently and creaking terribly.  I felt & saw through my cabin window the power of the water as the waves grew and grew and crashed against the side of the ship… I thought how easily the water could have taken everyone on board this ship.  I thought of all who had lost thier lives at sea. I pondered whether people were meant to cross the ocean and thought about how we had all assumed as a people that we had the right.

I thought about the abuses the water had suffered as a result of our mass consumption of all things and our waste & destruction of this precious resource had anyone given back to the water in any way i wondered ? The waves grew very turbulent and again i was very frightened. I considered further in my bed if I was going to pay with my life for the abuses others over decades had inflicted on this prescious resource.  I grew very sea sick as did my family and other passengers on the boat and i prayed that first of 2 nights not to be taken & for safe passage to be granted. Again I recieved no response from the spirit of the water.

On day 2 at sea it was cold and unpleasant & this dream trip was no fun…many of the ships social activities were cancelled due to the extreme storm.. night number 2 the weather grew even worse than the first night & passengers whispered they heard it was going to be worse.. but then while lying in my bed I heard the spirit of the water speak to me suddenly.

The spirit of the water said to me “I wanted you to experience my power personally so you can fully comprehend what i possess…I wanted you to understand that i could take life in an instant if i are but a small creature in my vast waters…yet I am abused so freely and damaged without regard by humanities garbage that is tossed into me. I wanted you to never forget me….and so i can only demostrate this by my power. I want you to take this experience back to your home and tell others of what you have witnessed here & heard.  I will spare your life but you must never forget this time together.  I do this(the storm) as a reminder to all of you of my strength and to remind all of humanity to respect my waters. I permit passage but I have limits to my kindness.”


With those words ending our conversation I was humbled & thanked the water spirit for this experience & for sparing our lives and I said in closing that I had a different appreciation for it & a greater respect.  I promised to heed it’s lessons and tell others.  With that I fell asleep.  The storm conituned to pound the boat all night and well into the next day as we ported in Mexico.  As we sailed once again for New Orleans I grew nervous but the sea was calm and the sunset beautiful. I was happy to reach land when we docked at the end of our journey.

I believe this is why I went on this trip not for pleasure as I thought but for a lesson like no other..a lesson in kindness & respect for the water.  So I share with you this story & message from the water as it was given to me and as I promised I would do.


Love & Blessings

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