Who is Rev. Sayge Whitesong?

Rev. Sayge Whitesong is a husband,father & friend as well as
a nonsectarian minister who embraces all  non violent belief systems. He is also
an international author, spiritual teacher, motivational guide & shaman.

In 2004 Rev. Sayge developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of a
tragic trauma in his life & this experience somehow unlocked the door to a
strange new world… the spirit world. After several long months in recovery
therapy for the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Rev. Sayge left what he thought
to be his life’s work of public assistance and embarked on a journey of self
discovery that changed his life and the lives of his family in every way

Today Rev.Sayge serves humanity as he travels internationally promoting
love, peace & non conflict between nations & people. As well as
promoting peace Rev. Sayge delivers spirit messages through his deep trance
channeling work with Zoltach his spirit helper to those who come to his sacred
message circle events with life’s path questions that are important to them.

He also teaches people how to walk their own spiritual path and become
totally naked to the world, which means to remove the social masks they have
gathered over a life time and discover who they really are again by going below
the surface to the places that we call the shadow areas where all our fears and
secrets are kept.

Whether on the road or at home his teaching & education schedule is
always a high priority in his work & consists of teaching group seminars and
private students on various life & personal health topics such as
environmental meditation, spirit communication, Anger Solutions, stress
reduction, Qi Gong & spirituality to name just a few.

Aside from formal requests from the public for his services Rev. Sayge plans
his travel schedule with the assistance of spirit and generally feels called to
go to a certain place with no idea as to why he is there. It isn’t until he
arrives on location most times that the reason for his being there is made known
to him. Usually a person in need of spirits messages or spirits energy or a
group requiring guidance reveals themselves in short order.

As he travels from community to community Rev.Sayge always sets time aside to coach & guide
people on life’s most important issues to them. His love for all people and his
passion to assist others spiritually where possible is always first and foremost
in his mind.

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