Gratitude, Appreciation and Unconditional Love Always for being one of my greatest mentors and for the ongoing validations which you provide. Thank you for showing me how to close my human eyes and to look through the eyes of my heart at truly what should be felt instead of seen! We each have our own answers within, but sometimes we are lost in our own turmoil and need someone who has experienced and come through a similar situation to assist in calming our own inner world, in order to be able to truly see our outer world. Forever grateful for having you within my life experience!

Love, Light & Compassion Now and Always!
L. Robertson
(Niagara, Canada)

“I was originally looking for help with a family problem that was suggested I seek help for. I didn’t want to sit in a standard office, talking to someone taking notes but giving little in return. Using the Internet, I found alternative sources, one of which was Giant Life Solutions.

I contacted Rev. Sayge and set up an appointment. His compassion and insight helped me get beyond my original issue and moved me into learning more about myself.
The actual change and calmness he has brought out in me is noticed by others. Friends have commented that I’m now more open in conversation than I ever was. My wife finds me to be calmer, not always on edge.

My schedule, sometimes due to work, sometimes financial, meant I couldn’t set regular appointment bookings with him. This hasn’t been a problem at all as Sayge has been able to accommodate me, and never made me feel like I was imposing, even though odd times were set up.

I would recommend him to anyone, as he treats people so well and seems to interact with all, putting people at ease.

I’m proud when he calls me “brother” and feel friendship on a level I would not associate with being a client.

Thanks for everything, brother.”

Terry Mitchell
Niagara Region

Sayge is a Channeller who will be recognized as one of the greats. I do endorse his loving spiritual work. Recommend totally.

Cliff Preston C.H.T. Deep Trance Channel

I absolutely agree (I think this was one of the most powerful sessions we’ve had). There was a very strong connection between everyone there. Now I really can’t wait to read your new book. Last night was the key that I have been searching for to unlock the chains

G. Winning (Niagara)

Sayge offers messages with a twinkle in his eye and love in his heart. You can trust him.

Donata Ahern, (Western NY)

Sayge is the type of person everyone just loves being around. Strong work ethic, great personality.

Angelyn Joy (Whitby, Ontario)

Sayge has thoroughly impressed me time and again.

Dr. Nance McLeod (Niagara on the Lake, Ontario)



“It was an incredible journey.”

Terry Mitchell (Shamanism Workshop Participant)



“I learned so much….a wonderful day :)”

Gail Winning (Shamanism Workshop Participant)



“Incredible day. Thanks for everything.”


Gisele Rougoor (Shamanism Workshop Participant)

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