You Have The Tools To Your Health Not Facebook

Recently I have been watching with great interest the Facebook gossip trends & have found that there is a surprising increase in illness being shared in status updates from minor flu bugs to major diseases. I am sure this increase has never really been in a decrease it’s just now being talked about more openly or shared with others on Face Book.

I have done a bit of research with the reporting folks who are sick & what is alarming to me is the new “thing” is to tell everyone “subtlety” on Facebook that your sick.. then have everyone weigh in on what you should do to get better.. thank them..then ignore the advice completly and a few days later report that your sick & don’t know what to do.

It appears that Facebook has become a substitute for professional heath care treatment and therapy services. I do believe it has become this way in part because for some folks they don’t have to leave the house & pay for coffee with a friend like in the past to complain how sick they are, or they don’t have to find thier health card from the black hole that swallowed it and wait in a huge line at the Dr’s office only to be put on terrible antibiotics that go against their “i don’t take any medication” views. As well on Facebook folks will generally get only what they want to hear in feedback from their friends and if they don’t they can delete it.

I am a teacher of 24 Posture Therapeutic Qigong which has been used daily for thousands of years in China to prevent and or cure illness & disease and is very beneficial in boosting your immune system & keeping you healthy.

I have on several occasions talked about the health benefits to those who are reporting illness to everyone on Facebook and encouraged them to do or learn Qigong even if they are in the middle of an illness. I mention that if you are in the middle of an illness the recovery time will be cut in half or better. 24 Posture Qigong is very low impact & takes about 30-40 mins to do on average and anyone can do it regardless of physical capabilities.

The response interestingly enough is most times silence or “Ok thanks”. A few days later the Facebook posts are the same “I am sick and have been off work for days” etc etc. Again more folks weigh in with thoughts, remedies and solutions only to have the person who is ill respond “ok thanks” and take no action to get better.

My point is this good friends.. you have the knowledge of wellness at your finger tips and I am a big believer for myself in a combination of eastern & western medicine working together. At some point you have to take responsibility for your personal wellness and go and actually take some forward action to get better if you really want to. I am not saying you should be forced to do any one thing someone recommends but what is the point of “putting it out there” if you didn’t want assistance in the first place.

The bottom line for me is rather than complain about being sick on Facebook make quiet but powerful strides to recovery. Get to the professionals.


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