Your Only As Good As The Last Deed You Did That Was Good

Recently I have been on an amazing journey of good things and those good things equate to all sorts of other good things for myself & others. Well this is good fortune you say…”well done Sayge”. However we have all experienced being caught up in good things only to hit a wall that stops every…good…thing we have done recently. How come this has happened we ask ourselves ?. How could this all come to a crashing end these good things I did… we ponder. Now you may ask yourself “Sayge what the hell are you talking about”.

I am willing to share this with you just in case you have no idea how a good thing turns into no-thing…how all your good things are so easily forgotten just as recently as a second ago by those who would bring about the bricks and clay of the wall you just hit. How do I know of such things ?….because I just hit one of those walls ….actually I have hit a few as of late…which makes me an authority on walls….in other words I have the bruises to show for it. So here it is in my opinion…..suffering….basic human pain creates pain workers who build the walls you just hit that stopped the good energy things you were bathing in….empty the tub kids and sit in the cold air for a few minutes..the lack of warmth…. & you may just have an idea of walls… “I still don’t get it you say”….ok I will simplify it for you….those folks in your life who build the walls for you do so out of personal suffering…of what they themselves are going through and can’t or won’t process…pain that you can’t see. Give your girl a diamond ring gents & she might just take it and run and say thank you….but no thank you & I am keeping the ring. “Why would you do that to me after I worked overtime for many hours to pay for it and took you to a fancy place to eat and proposed in front of everyone to make you feel special ?” you may ask.

Help a friend in need through a rough patch & be there late into the night by phone only to have them get well & turn on you and gossip to others about your most private moments and your weakness…”but why would they do that after all I have done for them” ? suffering..the deepest suffering for them….and for this we must be ready to first understand then show compassion. We must understand suffering at it’s root and then reach past our own bruises from hitting the wall and into our heart and give compassion in a very private way. They are robots of sorts these wall builders with no masonary experience because they were taught by others how to build walls…generations of others whom they don’t even know. Can we hold these pain workers responsible for learning what has been taught to them I ask you ? Well only you can answer that for yourselves…but maybe just maybe you will find it in yourself…in your heart…. beneath the bruises to do another good thing with no expectation of a return of good things from another. Just maybe….Live without expectation my teacher Zoltach once said…hmmmm…words to live by.

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